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Thursday, March 17th, 2005
10:37 pm - Strong Tower
eternaldreams For those of you in the Bay Area.. we are having a Christian Dance event. Totally Christ-centric... all the DJs are Christians and part of NGF. The flyers are behind the cut.

FlyersCollapse )

?s feel free to contact me.

God Bless,



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Saturday, June 5th, 2004
3:37 am

I just created a new community! I was looking for a Kevin Max community earlier, but there wasn't one, so I made one!

Check out kevinmaxfans

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Saturday, April 24th, 2004
5:58 pm

Any Tree63 fans out there?? Join tree_63! :)

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Tuesday, April 6th, 2004
10:48 am - outstanding.
theseshtrdlives so i just found this community, and i couldnt believe it. i absolutely love noggin toboggan. they are the sole reason i started playing music. ive been to about a million of thier shows and have played with them too. it will be nice to see what others who appreciate the genius of noggin have to say.

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Thursday, March 4th, 2004
9:28 pm

I just noticed that in the Pleased to Melt You, the last person they thank is none other than Wesley Willis (the daddy of rock n' roll). I now have reason to love Noggin even more.

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Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
4:41 pm - Survey Thingie... it's fun, you know you want to take it...


How and when did you hear about Noggin Toboggan?

What is your favorite song of theirs?

How many of their cd's do you have, and which ones?

Have you ever seen them perform live? About how many times?

Have you met the band, or are you friends with them?

How often do you still listen to their music?

Do you know what their name "Noggin Toboggan" means?

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Saturday, February 21st, 2004
6:29 pm

How many of you have heard the band The Fighting Jacks? I just discovered them, and I'm interested in getting their cd. If you've heard it, what are your thoughts on it?
Thanks. :)

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3:47 pm - Cross Posted...

I created a community today for Christians who want to pray for one another and share in each other's burdens, building one another up in Christ. I created it with the hopes that it would be a positive place for all, and that there would just be sharing of prayer and love. I've noticed the christianity community seems to thrive on debates and arguments, and I would like to have a community where it feels like we are unified in Christ, and not always arguing.

Anyway, if you're interested, please join tobuildyouup

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Sunday, February 15th, 2004
2:36 am - Tomorrow's Going to Hurt

I love Noggin Toboggan so much, it's almost unbelievable. I have all of their CDs, and I know them by heart. I can sing the entire CDs in order without any music. Most bands I get sick of after hearing the same albums over and over, but Noggin never gets old. I can listen to the same three CDs non-stop for weeks and never tire of them. They are an awesome band and it was my lifelong dream to get to see them live sometime. If they really broke up I am going to cry...

I would share some of my favorite songs.. but the list would be too long. I love them all. Come back Noggin!!! This is all Bettie Rocket's fault.

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Saturday, February 14th, 2004
10:09 pm - February 14

nothing says i love you like punk rock =)

in case any of you care... Bettie Rocket will be going out of business soon (or seems like it), take advantage of insane cd deals. www.bettierocket.com

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8:44 pm

Noggin those kids were crazy.. I remember about 3 years ago they came to the east coast and they didnt have a place to play in philly. So they played this house my friends family owned but they didnt live in it anymore. Everyone that came just made donations to the band instead of paying a door price. There was probably 50-75 kids there they got payed like 150 for playing about 20 minutes before the cops shut them us down. then half the show(including noggin) went out to midnight bowling for free cuase we knew people who worked at the bowling lanes. Then they slept at the abandoned house.m It was fun times with those crazy crazy kids.

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11:18 am - Whoa-whoa-whoa

What ever happened to ol' Noggin anyway?

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1:03 am

Hello everyone! I am Rose, the maintainer of the Noggin Toboggan community. I'm hoping this will be a cool place for fans of Noggin Toboggan to discuss things involving the band, build one another up, etc. Feel free to join and post whatever you like, as long as it has to do with the band. The number one rule is to have fun! :)

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